The Thrival Indy Model

Extended Math and ELA Blocks

Because we aim to prepare our students to meet- if not surpass- state and national standards, they receive twice the instructional time in math and ELA courses.  This additional time has proven to increase standardized test scores as well as college acceptance rates.

Advisory Seminar Model

Our advisory curriculum guides students through self-discovery, community-building, college and career exploration, and a host of other topics. Students meet with their advisors on a weekly basis in order to set personal and academic goals, reflect on their performance and progress, and process challenges they are experiencing.

Experiential Learning Model

We are not tourists; we are students. At Thrival, the world around our students is the classroom. They engage in exchanges with community and government leaders, study environmental efforts, and work with organizations locally and abroad in order to bring class units and lessons to life.

Wellness & Mindfulness

In collaboration with Haven Yoga Studio, Thrival Indy students work through a year-long curriculum based on Emory University's Social Emotional Ethical (SEE) Learning Framework. Students learn to regulate their bodies as well as their minds, improve their ability to focus, and learn how to express their emotions healthily.

Community & Civic Engagement

We teach our students to identify the assets and resources in our local community which may be leveraged to affect positive change. Our students learn how to use an asset-based approach in order to identify and address current challenges. Further, our students are immersed in subjects such as Citizenship & Civics, Government, and Current Problems, Issues, and Events in order to learn how to be civically-engaged leaders.