Thrival Academy: Indy

Educating globally. Impacting locally. An IPS Innovation High School

Educating globally. Impacting locally. An IPS Innovation High School

Educating globally. Impacting locally. An IPS Innovation High SchoolEducating globally. Impacting locally. An IPS Innovation High SchoolEducating globally. Impacting locally. An IPS Innovation High School

Thrival Indy Coverage in the Media

IPS relaunches school dedicated to free study abroad program


A high school will soon open on the east side that will give students an opportunity they normally wouldn’t have. It’s called Thrival Indy Academy, and it gives teens the chance to study abroad regardless of their economic status.

It’s not a new school, it’s reenvisioned.

“Something like this, three months in a different country for free, that doesn’t come around too often,” said 18-year-old James Ward, a former Thrival Indy student.

The message on his t-shirt is a stamp of pride. It reads, "This kid studied abroad."

AM1310 Community Connection


In this radio interview, Founding School Leader and Executive Director India Hui joins Carrie Cline Black, Patrick Herrel, and Andrew Strope to discuss the relaunch of Thrival Indy along with the upcoming IPS Showcase of Schools and town hall meetings.

Indianapolis Study Abroad Program To Relaunch At Arlington Middle School


An Indianapolis program that enabled students to study abroad will relaunch. Thrival Academy, which took a year-long "pause" to overhaul its approach — will reopen as a four-year high school on the Arlington Middle School campus.

Thrival ran a small pilot program in 2017-18 before officially launching last year as a one-year school that sent juniors from Indianapolis Public Schools to study abroad in Thailand. Beginning next year, it will instead accept about 75 ninth graders with the aim of becoming a full-fledged innovation high school.

Thrival To Relaunch As High School at Arlington


A study abroad program for Indianapolis Public Schools students will expand into a full-scale high school and join Arlington Middle School students in the former Arlington Community High School building next year.

The IPS Board of Commissioners discussed the plan for the first time Tuesday and approved it in a 4-2 vote during the same meeting.

EdChoice Ep 128: Cool Schools with Thrival Indy


In this episode, Thrival Academy Executive Director India Hui discusses taking students to Thailand, engaging in mindfulness training, visiting an elephant sanctuary, and more. Thrival Academy is a one-year, study-abroad high school for 11th grade students. The school is considered a an innovation network institution part of Indianapolis Public Schools.

IPS study abroad innovation school to "pause" next year


An Indianapolis school that allowed students to study abroad in 11th grade will close for the coming school year, while leaders try to work through challenges that arose during its first year.

An Indianapolis Public Schools innovation school, Thrival Academy Indy made it possible for students from low-income and middle-class families to study for free in Thailand while in high school...

Thrival Academy Students Move Classroom to Thailand


When Stanisha F. heard about Thrival Academy during her lunch period last school year, she was intrigued but skeptical. Still, she grabbed one of the program brochures, took it home and asked her mom for advice.

Could she really leave her family for three months to study abroad in Southeast Asia?

The answer was confirmed when Stanisha took a chartered bus from Indianapolis to Chicago on January 4, 2019, with more than 30 of her Thrival classmates and boarded an airplane for a 15-hour flight to Thailand...

Thrival Academy students leave for 3-month trip to Thailand


INDIANAPOLIS — A new program at Indianapolis Public Schools is giving students a chance to immerse themselves in another culture by traveling across the world and being a part of it.

Thrival Academy started as a pilot program last year and is now a full high school within the campus of Arsenal Technical High School.

The program is open to high school juniors and there are currently close to 40 students enrolled...

Thrival Academy Provides Once-in-a-lifetime Experience for Students


A SPECIAL GIFT — Trevon S. receives a bracelet from one of the Thailand elders during a special ceremony. During his junior year in high school, Trevon spent three months in the Southeast Asian country while a student at Thrival Academy, a, IPS study-abroad school housed on the campus of Arsenal Technical High School. Below, Trevon spends time with his host family in Thailand. He also had an opportunity to feed an elephant...