Is transportation provided?

Yes. All students who live within the Indianapolis Public Schools boundary qualify for district-provided transportation.

Will there be sports?

Yes. We will offer sports teams, such as soccer, tennis, cross country, volleyball, softball,  and baseball. 

Do students have to leave the country?

Studying abroad is a foundational aspect of our school model, but we understand that situations might arise which prevent students from being able to leave the country for extended periods at a time. We are happy to accommodate students who are not able to participate in the study abroad experiences.

Will the Thrival Indy students be with the Arlington Middle School students?

No. We are two separate schools which operate completely separately of one another. Thrival Indy will have a dedicated entrance and main office, and the arrivals and dismissals for the two schools are staggered. While certain facilities will be shared, there will be minimal crossover between the two student bodies.

Do students have to wear a uniform?

No. Thrival Indy students don't wear uniforms. Our expectation is that they dress within the code outlined in the student handbook.